In the Traditions of Alaska's Strong and Beautiful


Abeille Alaska is a brand of Earthworks Farm, Alaska

About our beekeeper - chemist

      While she was a little girl Dee followed her grandfather to his bee yard in Pennsylvania.  Marveling how the bees built up the honey comb and how her calm grandfather had no fear nor concern about being stung, she knew one day she too, would be a beekeeper.  When she and her husband Bruce finally obtained their dream farm in Palmer, Alaska, it was time to encourage the production of vegetables with pollinators!  That was when Dee had her chance to become the beekeeper for Earthworks Farm.   But that is not all!   Dee is a chemist and loves working in chemistry, finding new 'formulas' and ideas to enhance their lives.  Once she harvested her first crop of honey, she realized she had a lot of 'cappings' (beeswax mixed with honey) and didn't want it to go to waste.  What to do?  Make moisturizing cream!  And that was the beginning of Abeille Alaska.

      Our farm name, Earthworks Farm, suggests our outlook: we work with earth’s living systems in our farming practices.  We use zero pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and we endeavor to make natural products without the use of petroleum-based emulsifiers, preservatives and alcohol.  We overwinter our bees and do our best to keep them healthy without exposure to harmful chemicals. All of the honey we use comes from our beehives on our farm, Earthworks Farm, Alaska. The beeswax we use comes from our farm hives and from a beekeeper friend in Big Lake, Steve Victors.